Testing a 50 year transfer embargo!

MARCH, 2018


Football Manager

This article is slightly different. It’s not a guide or a save, but an FM18 Experiment. I’ve done this a few times, with varying success; I’m trying it again this year. The basis of the experiment is:

  • Every team in the Premier League and Championship is given a 50 year transfer embargo.
  • Progress updates at 10, 25 and 50 years.
  • A look at the English Leagues, National team, European Competitions and then any other big news in the world.
  • I will make the save playable from every point I do an article for.
10 years later- FM18 Experiment
Ten years later- FM18 Experiment.

First season

The opening image contains a snapshot of the league standings.


  • Arsenal won the Europa League.
  • Liverpool and Chelsea won the FA Cup and Carabao Cup respectively.

1st June 2028

Now let us do a little simulating… and see what’s changed in this FM18 Experiment!

Ten years later! Of the three teams promoted to the Championship in the first season, two reached the Premier League top six! Also, Sunderland and Aston Villa have really struggled with the new changes.

A lot of big teams have survived on their youth intakes. However, they will slip at some point in this FM18 Experiment. Other teams have enough buying power to steal their best players any day.

Notice Bournemouth getting relegated from the Varanama Conference Premier, and Loughborough University being in the Championship after seven consecutive promotions! That said, Loughborough are still an amateur team for some reason in this FM18 Experiment. Is that a bug, or just the fact that a University team cannot become professional?

Bournemouth out of the Football League- FM18 Experiment
Carabao Cup- FM18 Experiment
Loughborough in the Championship- FM18 Experiment
FA Cup- FM18 Experiment
Champions League- FM18 Experiment
Champions League- FM18 Experiment.

Cup Competitions

The winners of the Carabao Cup and FA Cup are above. Notice Blackburn’s recent spell of dominance.

European Competitions

In the Champions League, Spanish teams have dominated the winners list. Only three runners up spots for the English teams in this FM18 Experiment. The inherent difference in quality is now on full display.

However, in the Europa League, we’ve had six winners in this FM18 Experiment! In both competitions, it’ll be interesting to see if the new age of English teams take over.

The National Team

Now, onto the national team! If the FA are serious about improving the current flock of English players, they should consider this transfer embargo idea. Need proof?

ENGLAND WON TWO WORLD CUPS! Furthermore, Argentina were the runners up in both competitions. We managed to win two games on penalties! In addition, we won a Confederations Cup and an International Nations League, despite losing a European Championship final. In England’s first World Cup win in this FM18 Experiment, Harry Kane scored a record EIGHT goals in the finals!

Our world ranking has been near perfect since about 2023, only going as low as 4th for five years!

John English

And this is easily the best English player in this save. Please welcome, embrace and pray for the suitably named John English! He plays for Liverpool in this FM18 Experiment. This man boasts 137 goals in 207 games for club, along with 41 in 48 for country.

He hasn’t won the Ballon D’or or World Golden Ball yet but I’m sure he’s close!

With a plethora of youngsters coming through, regular first team football has proven to be the secret ingredient. I can see them all becoming very good players! This save is currently available to play from this link -> https://ufile.io/8ewzj.

This link expires after 30 days. If you want the save after then, please leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do. I’m hoping by then I’ll have released the next part!